Google Introduce A Tool For Data Control After Death

Google is becoming first company which have worked on privacy and data control and introduced a tool which will control your private data after death. New tools aim to help users maintain privacy in the case if something happen like death, which  will remove data after set period of inactivity.

Questions were asked on different forums and by community about privacy and data control of users on internet, Google is first company which have worked on this issue and introducing a tool which can help in these cases. Google named “Inactive Account Manager” to recently released tool which will take care of your emails, browsing history and other secure data. Almost every user on internet have stored lot of files, documents, pictures and other personal data at Gmail, Google Drives, Google calender and other services. its becomes a huge amount of data when you are surfing and using internet from last many years, after death who will be responsible for take care of this all personal stuff..??

I think this is “Google Inactive Account Manager” which will lead to online death of user. Google providing users ability to remove their personal stuff after inactivity of 3 months, 6 months, 9 months or 12 months. user have ability to decide whether its data will be removed automatically or can be transfer to another online account.

After Google i hope other companies will also move forward to take care of this issue.