Create a Custom Page Template in WordPress

Creating custom page templates in WordPress is easy! Its just following line of code which you need to put at the start of page template file. let’s start creating a page template called ‘project.php’ and put following line of code at start of this file and using FTP client upload this file to your theme folder. […]

Pass PHP variables between template files

If you need to pass a variable between template files, there will be many ways to do that. one more common way, not preferable way according to me is using Global variables. For example you have instance of class, save it in Global variable and now you will be able to use it throughout the […]

Change WordPress language

If you want install WordPress in your language, you need to download WordPress language version form WordPress. For example to install WordPress in Spanish you need to download WordPress version in Spanish from But if you have already installed WordPress, its also possible to convert your WordPress blog into your preffered language. these are few […]