Google Introduce A Tool For Data Control After Death

Google is becoming first company which have worked on privacy and data control and introduced a tool which will control your private data after death. New tools aim to help users maintain privacy in the case if something happen like death, which  will remove data after set period of inactivity. Questions were asked on different forums and by community […] – Mobile Phones Website is mobile phones website different than mostly websites in market, providing full specifications and features of recently released phones from almost all brands Nokia, Samsung, LG, BlackBerry, Iphone, Qmobiles, Sony Ericsson, China Replica. In initial launch its targeting Pakistan, India, United States, China, Saudi Arabia users. its providing Price & Specification & main features which […]

Google Is Now Much More Careful About Identity And Real Names

After Facebook now Google is also becoming more restrict to about real names on internet.  and about Google it is said to be true , that Google is taking more care than Facebook regarding real names. these companies now using face-recognition softwares to recognize your photos on internet. everyone know Google already collected a huge […]