Google Is Now Much More Careful About Identity And Real Names

After Facebook now Google is also becoming more restrict to about real names on internet.  and about Google it is said to be true , that Google is taking more care than Facebook regarding real names. these companies now using face-recognition softwares to recognize your photos on internet. everyone know Google already collected a huge amount of data about every person who is using internet or used.

May be mostly peoples don’t care but when they comes online every action is being tracked from BIG companies, but these companies have very solid reason for this, they are improving web through this tracking and showing relevant ads to relevant peoples.

i can bet for this, Google have a very large amount of data for every person on the web and they are storing this on permanent basis. they are building profiles based on these information. and same situation here on Facebook. And now these companies are moving to next step, they want real names and information for every person who is using their services.

I am posting here Mr. Schmidt quote which is making things more clear to you :

“In the area of social media, we knew upfront 10 years ago that the Internet lacked essentially an accurate identity service. I’m not here by the way talking about Facebook, the media gets confused when I talk about this. If you think about it, the Internet would be better if we had an accurate notion that you were a real person as opposed to a dog, or a fake person, or a spammer or what have you.


Here i am not talking about outcomes, this is just a informational post.