Progressive web apps – offline web applications using service worker

Google documentation says about service workers: “Rich offline experiences, periodic background syncs, push notificationsfunctionality that would normally require a native applicationare coming to the web. Service workers provide the technical foundation that all these features rely on.” Service worker is like any other worker which can run in background and can do multiple tasks which you […]

ECMAScript Harmony – Compile ES6 code to ES5 using Traceur/Babel

ECMAScript Edition 6 (ES6) comes with lot of features such as classes, generators, destructuring, modules and much more. Currently ES6 code is not yet implemented/supported in all browsers and JS engines, you might wanna look here. Using Firefox and chrome(latest) developer tools you can test features like arrow functions etc. for chrome you will also need to […]

Node.js Streams, Pipe and chaining

A stream is an abstract interface implemented by various objects in Node.js.  Due to asynchronous and event driven nature Node.js is very good at handling I/O bound tasks/streams, streams are actually unix pipes. For example a request to an HTTP server is a stream, as is stdout. request is a readable stream and response is a […]