Change WordPress language

If you want install WordPress in your language, you need to download WordPress language version form WordPress. For example to install WordPress in Spanish you need to download WordPress version in Spanish from

But if you have already installed WordPress, its also possible to convert your WordPress blog into your preffered language. these are few easy steps which are required to change language.

  1. first download language file from and copied it into a new directory ‘/wp-content/languages/’. most probably it will already exist. but if not you need to create this directory.
  2. Now locate wp-config.php file which is exist in main installation folder.
  3. edit wp-config file and find following line in this file.

define (‘WPLANG’, ”);

by default i will be empty. you need to change it to your language code.

define (‘WPLANG’, ‘fr_FR’);


That’s all. you language of WordPress installation is changed to your preferred language.