Web development is war of tools these days!

Today development is war of tools. more better tools lead to faster turn around. a better tool could help you to achieve the same task in few minutes which you are expected to finish in hours.

I can give you idea of many tools in this article which really makes life easy. during development you will find a wide range of tools which are actually more powerful than we think at first. exploring the features of that tool is the key, then keep yourself upgrade with new features and upgrades

If i am talking about tools for development, i will include everything which is meaningful while i am sitting at my desk. that could be anything – form a browser extension to IDE’s(code editors).

An IDE which consists of a source code editor, automation tools, Snippets support, debugger and a better auto-complete system for supported languages could lead to fast development compare to a one which lacks these features. I strongly believe opensource IDE’s are more powerful these days. Best example is Brackets is more efficient for any kind of development than Dreamweaver, both are made by same vendor. but opensource community could boost product development. I have found a amount of extensions for brackets (which can be installed using extension manager) can do many tasks more easily without leaving even leaving interface. i could not these things expect from Dreamweaver in next couple of releases.

Another example is Sublime text which another hero in world of IDE’s. i find it more faster and lightweight than any other code editor.

There are other tools like Navicat which is well-designed Graphical User Interface for database management and development software, it includes support for MySQL, MariaDB, SQL Server, Oracle, SQLite and/or PostgreSQL. i handles connections and session very smoothly, you don’t need to always open phpmyadmin always. there are others sqlyog etc.

Here i can talk about couple of Firefox/chrome extensions which provide enhanced features and are helpful during development. you need to explore development tags for these browser while searching.

Here i didn’t mentioned any tools/frameworks which we used during development like bootstrap, JavaScript libraries etc and a long list.