Soccer Blitzkrieg – Germany Vs Brazil

Brazil goes down, Germany was overwhelming and spectacular.

In tweets and popular media, terms used “Soccer Blitzkrieg”. term known as “blitzkrieg” is a highly mobile form of infantry and armour working in combined arms teams. It is more meaningful to Germans,  forces a breakthrough into the enemy’s line of defense through a series of short, fast, powerful attacks. yes this was German tactical and operational methodology during world war II.

In Tuesday GERMANY vs BRAZIL match, same kind of technique was used by Germany team.

That’s why you could see lot of tweets and posts used term blitzkrieg.

Sharukhan tweeted, “GER showed meaning of Blitzkrieg! A series of fast powerful attacks; 1ce in enemy territory, proceed 2 dislocate them using speed & s’prise”. Wall street journal used this term too. 

I never heard of this term, if i did then I must never tried getting familiar of what is it. though I read lot about World War I,II. Once it was my favorite topic of interest. I just researched bit more about this technique and wiki articles let me reminds of days in past.