Create a Custom Page Template in WordPress

Creating custom page templates in WordPress is easy! Its just following line of code which you need to put at the start of page template file. let’s start creating a page template called ‘project.php’ and put following line of code at start of this file and using FTP client upload this file to your theme folder. […]

Build a HTML Form From Scratch and Use in WordPress Post/Pages

You have many plugin to use form in your post/pages and they can do great job for you. but what about creating a simple form by own-self from scratch and use that in your posts? so lets start with simple coding style and create a form with three field

this is a simple form […]

Wp-redirect To Use In WordPress Post and Pages

You have many plugin which can do redirection for you and are great at doing your job. but sometime you many need to redirect user after some specific event or task. like if user click on some button, it should go to some specific page in your WordPress website or outside to some website. at […]