Our Prime-Minister 30 Second Symbolic Punishment

“Islamabad:  The Pakistan Supreme Court today held Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani guilty of contempt for refusing to reopen an old corruption case against President Asif Ali Zardari and convicted him till the rising of the court” – NDTV

When i hear this news i laugh at our court decision, everyone has its own point of view but one thing is clear here our courts cannot handle big issues. i can understand there was lot of pressure from different pressure groups and opposition on this decision but supreme court is unable justify this in those manner. The actual reason behind this all is only our supreme court don’t want to take the all blame, so they declare prime minister criminal for few second and throw ball in the court of opposition and other parties. supreme court already blamed for murder of PPP first Prime-Minister Zulfiqar Bhutto, so they cannot take all burden on their own. i am not lawyer and not able to give truthful or technical remarks about this decision, Its only my personal feeling about decision that our supreme court DO NOT want to take blames. so this is a chance for opposition parties if they can do something on their own. and i am sure they will not do anything , this is just a reaction these parties are showing for few days.

War between court and Administration is not new thing, it was happening all the time in USA and different countries. We should not forget that Bill Clinton and other presidents of USA also got punishments from court. but its funny thing that our prime-minister got 30 Sec Punishment, this is too much symbolic and even our court was unable to explain about dismiss of prime-minister after punishment or any other details. actual thing is that court want to involve to opposition parties to do something, that is not possible in current situation.

So all that i am assuming our supreme court is not enough strong to make a decision under-pressure.