GitHub – Your Next Resume – I agree

Github seems a great idea, if you are going to start a project and like mostly other SVN you can use to host your project on Github public or privately. but now it moving to next step where you will have a link to your Github profile in your resume or Github as resume. so be prepare for this, because this is going to next step to boost up your career. i was having an account on Github a long-time before and that time i setup a test repository with some commands and after a long-time i even don’t remember what may be the password of that account. but recently i observed lot of my friends started to transfer their open-source projects to Github. that’s seems a great idea for me also if we will have our open-source projects which may contain classes, plugins etc to move to our Github account. so there will be a huge collection of all code we have build in past. one of my friend from UK take advantage of this when he was at interview, then they asked him to show his code samples he built, he was little confused but then Github helped him alot at this stage. he showed them his code samples from his Github account, he was also having a project which he built during his school days in OOP. he share this all with me when we were working together on a projects. finally he got job and now he is working in that company.

after that, i also started take care of my Github account, ohh sorry i created new one i already told you i forget old account credentials. one more reason i got was also one of my client also need to me on Github for a project, where they are using a testing sever with Github repository. so this all take me to Github .

What is GitHub?

Github enables individuals and organizations to create projects, fork them and to contribute source code to the forks without approval or oversight from the original authors. Changes can be committed locally, pulled to the parent repository with a code review. Anyone can comment on any single line of code or a pull request. You can use your fork immediately in your project. Github removed the remaining barriers around open-source collaboration and elegantly enabled private repositories for a fee.

for example you were a programmer with Ruby or Python, you worked in Ruby 7 year and then you moved to PHP and working in PHP from last 3 year, you don’t have website where you can put your portfolio, Github can provide you a username like this where you can list your projects. even if you are a school or college guy and unfortunately you have some code you want to show the world or assignments, you can also list them to Github. and this also saves you from any harm that may be loss of data due to hard-disk damage etc. you know why actually i lost my all semesters data even after few month of degree, but i was having backup on my old pc.

and after few year you are on interview, so you will have a confidence to show them what you have done in the past. so this is your online resume which is built for you by linux guys, but you can use it on windows or mac in the same way as on linux. i love Github too much and my humble opinion for you also is to move to Github and contribute to open-source world.

At the end i want to say, don’t judge anyone with his Github account, this is not actually purpose of my post. sometime more expert programmer don’t have time to contribute to open-source community. i means to say if you are on some profile and looking few contribution to open-source or projects, don’t take it as weakness of that person. mostly programmer don’t get time to contribute to open-source community. this is actually trend.

Wish you best of luck with your career.