I missed lot of festival on my Blog

Its been long time since last time i update my blog. I missed Eid-u-Fitar, Independence day(14 august) and few days too. Right, i was busy. yup there were projects assigned by company and mostly i was busy with family. life is not going steady and fast as i think in start. i got lot of problem at the end of 2012 and left Lahore for many months. I am still under the effects till 2013 is moving to end. i learnt many lessons, this all make me stronger as compare to a fresh graduate who think he is going to win the world at start.

I got this whole weekend for my own, no disturbance at all. i am watching movies, updating my blog, pressing my shirts, eating, drinking, sleeping and doing all that things i got to do.

Happy Eid, Independence day!

  • Jason Born

    your Story was Good :) but I can’t see any updated post till to august 2013 :P